Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 8 - Eureka, CA to San Jose, CA

Day 8 - Home Again

We decided to get an early start today. For the first time of this entire journey, we had a time deadline. Had to get the rental Harley Pat was riding back to the rental place by 3pm. Having experienced unexpected delays all the previous days, we wanted to take no chances today. Plus, I think we all were experiencing some degree of appreciation for a great experience, but also a desire to get home. Good mattress envy perhaps.

The beauty of the forest during the first part of our path was overshadowed by the very cold temperatures. Maybe not freezing, but definitely the coldest we have been. We stopped for gas after the first 30 miles, and of course, morning coffee. Then our goal was to make at least 100 miles before stopping for breakfast. The first 50 miles were tough with the cold. But the next 50 miles added another challenge we had yet to experience. Not sure whether it was just that we were tired, or also cold, or maybe also possibly the mesmerizing effect of the curvy rods surrounded by heavy forest, but I really struggled to stay awake and focus on the road. I knew we had a deadline to meet so didn’t want to pull over. Come to find out though that Tim and Pat were experiencing the very same calamity. Thankfully we made it to our breakfast stop and didn’t have a reoccurrence the balance of the trip. Then after a few more small towns along the way, a run through the Napa area winery territory, we spilled into the very familiar urban sprawl of the greater Bay Area. And soon, home again, safe and sound.

I don’t think any of us really knew what to expect with this wonderful opportunity together. Setting out we had high hopes for an abundance of fun, adventure and certainly many, many memories. However high the bar was set for each of us, we all agree that our reality far exceeded our expectations. Hot, cold, rain, wind, sun….. almost 3,000 miles of pavement (mostly), 8 States in 8 days……what an amazing adventure. Wish our other 3 brothers and sons/nephews could have also come along, but this was truly a special trip together.

Thanks to Tim and Pat for their endless picture and video taking. And to Pat for his wonderful daily video production. He sure has gotten proficient at capturing the highlights of each day. I appreciate the opportunity to add a few words to share our daily encounters. Most of all though, and the reason for this trip, thanks to Sean for making the decision to volunteer this next phase of his life to protecting us all and joining the Air Force Special Ops division known as the Para Rescue team. They are lucky to have him, and assuming he is a reflection of that entire group, we are all lucky to have them as well.

Thanks “Fat Hogs”, it was a very special adventure.

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