Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 1 - San Jose CA to Reno NV

Our first day was a success. Hope that is a trend that continues. Although not with out its fair share of excitement. And of course, God's reminder that He is always involved in some fashion.......

Beautiful scenery, which was good since we managed, even with GPS to get lost around Tahoe. So, after traveling the long way around, we decided to stop for food since Reno was still quite a ways away. I (kevin) looked at my bike and noticed a small but fair amount of oil around the engine and each time I stopped, a little smoke would cascade from the exhaust area. Rather than risk ignoring the possibility of something more serious, we decided to find a motorcycle dealer in Reno and swing by. We found one several miles from our destination which would still be open by the time we could get there. We made it just in time and confirmed that the problem wasn't serious. Pat and Sean then found a church that was starting mass in 10 minutes and guess what, it was only one mile from where we were. So, we quickly headed in that direction and got seated just ahead of the Priest entering down the aisle. Nice church. During the mass we became aware of a lady with two small girls that, through no fault of her own, had been the recipient of a few left crosses from "life" and they were now living in a tent. She had an amazing attitude, and the two little girls were so sweet. It was hard to believe they were dealing with such obstacles, but as she found it hard to avoid the tears that came easy and often, there was no doubt that the trial they were enduring was real. But what a sweet smile. The girls too. Thankfully, again, only because God has chosen to bless us with so much abundance, we were able to help in a small way. We weren't alone, others did too. I know she felt blessed to receive the help. We felt many more blessings to be able to do so.

So, lets bike which is in great condition, gets a surprising oil leak.....which causes us to detour to a place not even close to our final destination......and then find a church only 1 mile away......and after riding all day find that we were just in time for Mass......and just happen to meet a lady in need......coincidence??? God's plan is amazing. And always unfolding. Just have to look for it. And if you don't, He just may get your attention.

Ok, next stop, Salt Lake City. 500 miles. Wonder what He has planned for that little portion of our journey.... (kev's perspective)

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