Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 2 - Reno NV to Salt Lake City UT

Rain drops kept falling on our heads........ song of the day!

Maybe another song title befitting of the day was "long, lonely highway"....Ok, well, wasn't really lonely. But is sure was long. And wet. And windy. After a decent night's sleep in Reno, on the last mattress we would see for the rest of the trip (for me and Tim anyway...Pat and Sean decided to start "camping" in the room early), we set out with high hopes for an amazing ride to SLC. We were sure we would make great time and even possibly get a dip in the pool at the KOA campground we had as our destination. The problem with "high hopes" is that the higher they start, the further they can fall....and they did. Make no mistake, the ride was definitely memorable. And, with the proper perspective, the seemingly endless rain clouds, even had shiny silver linings. Lets see....well, the ride was long. But we got to do it together. We thought we could beat the first torrential downpour, and although we didn't, we did find the only overpass for 50 miles to hide under for much of the storm. (not even the wild hogs got that lucky) The bike Sean was riding got blown over by the wind. Thankfully Sean wasn't moving and could jump off, avoiding any injury (other than pride). The toppled bike resulted in a broken turn signal. But is was the same turn signal that was already broken prior to the trip. And we had super glue and duct tape so we were quickly back in action. The last 100 miles, through the great salt flats area had severe winds, and, well, ok, no silver lining on this was tough. We made it though, so that has a certain silver glimmer. And finally, by the time we got into SLC and got our tents set up, dried off, we were starving. We found that on a Sunday night in SLC, after 9pm every restaurant had already closed. Except Denny's. Which was close enough to walk. And we love Denny's. So see, to some, it could have been a day that seemingly would never end, posing one trying challenge after another. But to us, it was just another wonderful adventure to share together. And it even provided humor to start the next day. Wouldn't have wanted it any other way....mostly.

Time for a good night's sleep, then next stop...Yellowstone!! And the motto for the day...rain rain go away....
(more useless perspectives from kev.....)

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