Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 4 - Yellowstone WY to Missoula MT


What a beautiful State, Montana. By far the best ride so far. Leaving Yellowstone early in the morning we snuck out before wind, rain or anything other than sun could join our adventure. Sure it was a bit nippy, but dressed for it, we gladly accepted the opportunity to just sit back, ride, and soak it all in (for once, not literally soak it in....).

Mostly back roads, we were able to really enjoy the massive, endless beauty of Montana. Sure, we narrowly missed a family of deer that decided to tempt fate, and our bikes, to cross just in front of us, but no harm at all.

Arriving earlier than usual in Missoula, we were able to comfortably set up camp, and even got a chance to jump in the pool. With temperatures already above 90, the pool was heaven. Then, a short walk, we had a date with Buffalo Wild Wings....mmmmmmmmmm.

A short walk back and we were ready to turn in. A most eventful, uneventful day. Boundless natural beauty, relaxation, and a forthcoming restful night. Really looking forward to tomorrow. Should be a nice ride and we finally get to visit the Buck Knife factory.....more on that tomorrow.

What a blessed day.

(more kev nonsense......)

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