Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 3 - Salt Lake City UT to Yellowstone WY

Rainy days and Mondays.......

Ok, so good thing we got the windy, rainy day out of the way on Sunday when we slogged our way from Reno to SLC. Or so we thought. Little did we know at the time that we were just in training for the next day.....Monday......when we made the dash to Yellowstone. The ride was actually quite beautiful for much of the ride.....but then mother nature decided to play tag. We were overmatched as we really didn't measure up to her enormous Squirt, better yet, sponges, no, even better yet, water coolers just waiting to dump on four innocent bikers.

We really weren't that far from Yellowstone KOA, and if we just rode faster, maybe we could get there in time to set up our tents, gather our goods, and safely "weather" the storm until the sun pushed his way back into the picture. If we just rode the wind.....that Herculean wind, that seemed to just keep coming, always from a different angle when least expected.....but always coming..... We did make it to the park just before the huge, torrential dump....signed in, got to our camp site, broke out our tents.....and almost made it thru set up. Almost. But not quite. Not nearly quite. Soaked again. Pat and Sean did manage to spread their tent over their bikes and that helped. But Tim and I tried to make it through set up and ran out of time. Oh well, A for effort. S for soaked. RS for really soaked.

After about 20 minutes the rain petered out and we were able to finish set up. Once done, time to ride through the park to see Old Faithful perform as He has done for so long....consistently.... And we were not disappointed. How majestic. How faithful. No wonder OF is a "He" .........

Riding back to our camp, it was easy to get lost in the beauty of Yellowstone. Amazing place. Almost as nice as our sleeping bags...which felt great after such a long day.

Another blessing filled day. Time to sleep. And tomorrow....Missoula her we come!!

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